A New Clue and… Twitter suspension?

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After weeks of research, my quest for more information about Project Black Sky finally met with some progress. Emphasis on the “some.” What I discovered is telling, SkyWatchers, but also—no joke—kind of scary.

With help from a few SkyWatcher allies, I was able to gain access to a secret government databank. Within that databank, I discovered some information about Project Black Sky! Excited that my search had met with any results at all, I eagerly clicked to open the file… and then got very, very worried.


Here’s what I gather from this very cryptic file, and why it scares the bejesus out of me…

    1. We see that (Somehow? Purposefully done? A code?) the Black Sky “slogan” is present: Who if not us?

    2. I can also make out words beneath the poorly blacked out areas. They seem to say “national security,” “missing persons,” and “the truth.”

    3. Where’s the letter head on this note? Who was this sent to? Where was it sent from? And why is that info so classified that it’s been removed from this file? A file that was stored in a very well protected server behind a very impressive government firewall, I might add.

    4. Why is so much of this document blacked out? Why is so much redacted? What does it say? And, much like the missing letter head, why is a secure file in need of so much extra security? Does Black Sky cover its tracks that well? Have they expunged all data on themselves from our government’s servers? Are they so deep within the field of black ops that they’ve effectively gone dark within the ranks of our government’s agencies?

Now are you starting to understand why this level of secrecy is a scary thing?

But it gets crazier…

Yesterday, I took this info live on Twitter. And less than 24 hours later, my twitter account was suspended!


They wouldn’t want to shut me up unless I was on to something. This suspension is a good sign, but damn, it’s a scary one. I’ve never said “scary” on this site before, so I hope you all appreciate how intense this situation is. I’m a truth seeker, like all of you, and I don’t scare easily. But this type of reaction is unprecedented in my career and, yeah, it’s got me a little shook up. But I’m not gonna stop. This is scary, but it tells me one thing: I’m really on to something. And I’m not gonna stop until I figure out what Project Black Sky is and expose it to the whole world. I’ll find the truth.

Stay tuned, SkyWatchers… Stay tuned!

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